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Downspout Drain Basin UPGRADES!

Well over 5 years ago we had the opportunity to install a buried downspout drain arrangement for a great client of ours using the finest drainage materials available to us at the time.

Copper Downspout to Conventionally Covered Drain Basin - Pacocha Landscaping Services

The single downspout drain system included a 12"x12" drain basin set just below a single copper downspout pipe, fitted with an elbow, thereby directing water across surface of basin cover. Extending from the drain basin, and completely buried in the soil, was 4" solid pvc drain pipe leading to a pop-up emitter outlet several feet away in adjacent lawn.

Over time and especially when heavy rainfall occured, the issue we were having was that the water flowing through the downspout, out the elbow and across the flat drain basin cover was moving with such great speed and volume that the water was over-shooting the basin and running off into the adjacent wood mulch covered bed space.

Our solution was to first clean the basin of any/all waste material found, add a new/replaceable debris filter, install a new and improved Downspout Defender drain basin cover and lastly modify/redirect existing copper downspout pipe (plus new copper wall support parts) to neatly meet top edge of new basin cover to complete.

Please be sure to contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. for any residential downspout or sump pump discharge related drainage improvement needed at your local northwest suburban Chicago area property. We are happy to assist any way possible. Thank you for visiting our site and have a great day!

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