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Who determines snow accumulation for service start and billing purposes?

After my 30 plus years in the snow removal and ice management business, there are a few questions that are repeatedly asked every winter season by new prospective customers (in particular).

Who determines actual snow accumulation and initiates start of service? Right alongside Mother Nature, watching her every move, the short answer is me!

Brothers Joe and Jeff Pacocha - Late 1970's growing up in Chicago
Hello!!.... I'm Joe, the husky guy on the right and future creator of PLS! 😊👍

As the proud owner of Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. and the main conductor of all it's moving parts, I continue to personally take full responsibility as to when winter services begin and how often a service is performed/repeated over the course of a winter weather event.

On-site snow accumulation measuring

Through local area winter weather reporting (performed by our team and third-party professionals), continuous weather radar and temperature monitoring and real-time situational awareness of actual physical services being performed/completed by our team, I personally assume the client-centered task of determining when snow removal and/or ice control related services begin, how often they are performed and when they finally stop for the satisfactory completion of each and every winter precipitation event.

Single Winter Weather Service Event = A unique span of time - day or night, within the period of November 1st through March 31st., where problemtic frozen precipitation naturally occurs and/or a minimum of 1" snow accumulation takes place (exact service start and frequency of service specifications dependent on each individual/unique seasonal winter service agreement and local area routing in place) and snow removal/ice control services are purposely initiated, continued and finally stopped to complete a seasonal service contractual obligation promised our client.

We take great pleasure in providing our valued customers a truly worry-free winter service experience.

Snow Accumulation Report - Pacocha Landscaping Services

Through our 24/7 state of winter readiness, our fantastic team of professionals, great equipment and verifiable service detail (time of service start, third-party snow accumation reporting, site photos, phone/email/text messaging, etc.) we look forward to earning your snow removal and ice control related business well into the future!

PLS - Pacocha Landscaping Services Inc.


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