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Residential Snow Removal - Pacocha Landscaping Services

How can I begin service?

Please call or email our office at any time to request a free no-obligation quote.

Can you just tell me a price over the phone?

Sorry, but all new service quotes will be provided in writing (via email or standard mail) shortly after an on-site visit has been conducted and seasonal route availability has been determined.

When can I expect to receive my quote?

All written quotes are submitted via email or sent standard mail within 7 days of our on-site evaluation.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards for your convenience.

What areas do you service?

We provide service across a large part of north and north-western Cook County.  Please call, email or check our website to determine if we service your particular city at this time.  

Do you guarantee a particular day that my lawn will be mowed each week?

No, we do not.  Even though we provide reliable weekly lawn maintenance services for our customers, we do not guarantee a particular day of the week service will be completed.  We schedule our weekly lawn maintenance services based on existing area routing and around weather related challenges.  Our clients properties are either scheduled to be serviced at the beginning of the week (Monday - Wednesday) or toward the end of the week (Wednesday - Saturday).  

We just moved into the area and we really need our landscape cleaned up and maintained every week....... can you help?

Yes we can!  We look forward to meeting with you to discuss anything we can do to help.

Do you offer lawn mowing services every other week (instead of weekly)?

No.  We only offer seasonally contracted weekly lawn maintenance services at this time.

When can I expect an invoice for work completed?

All one-time services will be invoiced at time of completion.  All seasonally contracted routine services will be invoiced according to the specified payment terms detailed within our annual agreement (normally once per calendar month unless stated otherwise).

Do you provide residential snow plowing and shoveling?

Yes, absolutely.  

Can you plow our snow without a contract?

Sorry, but all snow and ice management services require a formally authorized agreement in place prior to start of service.

How much snow has to fall before you normally begin snow plowing services?

All residential, commercial and industrial snow plowing services begin when at least 1 inch of snow accumulation has been reached.

What if my dog is in the yard when you guys come by?

Our service teams love pets and do our very best to close gates, but Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. cannot guarantee a pet will not escape from a yard.  We recommend keeping your pets inside on service days and checking any/all gates for closure after service has been completed.  It will remain the clients responsibility (unless stated otherwise) to ensure that any/all gates are securely latched closed before releasing a pet into the yard. 

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