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Renovated Lawn - Mechanical Slit-Seeding


Has your lawn been recently stressed or fallen into decline?  Do you desire a thick and beautiful lawn, but are unsure what to do first?  Well, look no further, our team at Pacocha Landscaping Services provides expert site analysis, complete lawn care, soil improvement and grass seed planting services for Arlington Heights and the surrounding suburban Chicagoland area.  We can help!


Mechanical Slit Seeding - Pacocha Landscaping Services - Lawn Care Service

Slit-seeding is the mechanical process of planting site specific premium grass seed directly into the soil by slicing through an existing stand of turfgrass.  This service ensures great seed-to-soil contact which translates into excellent germination rates.


Lawn Care Services - Pacocha Landscaping Services

Core aeration is the mechanical process to relieve soil compaction and allow for improved air/water/nutrient flow to your lawn’s root zone.

Lawn Maintenance Service - Grass Seed Planting - Pacocha Landscaping Services

Lawn renovation is a multi-step approach to restore lost lawn density by seed. Along with mechanical slit-seeding and core aeration, this service oftentimes includes the addition of top soil to level and further improve site/grade conditions.

Lawn Renovation Services - Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc.
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