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"Wonderful company to work with.  First, I was able to do the entire estimating process via e-mail, which I think more companies should do.  I e-mailed them my request for estimate, they responded promptly that they would come out and look around, and I had an estimate back via e-mail in 2 days.  I booked them via e-mail, and Joe responded with acceptance and scheduled date.  Joe's team arrived on time and did a really nice job with the work.  The cleanup was thorough without damaging any of my emerging plants; the edging was complete; and they did a great job of taking out the overgrown lilac and all its attendant offshoots; the area was a real eyesore.  But you'd never know anything was there, and nothing else in the garden or lawn around the area was damaged.  I've searched for years, literally, for a dependable landscaping company at an affordable price.  At last, I seem to have found one."

Bonnie H. of Rolling Meadows

"We started using Pacocha Landscaping for fall cleanup 2008 and will continue with this service.  In early spring 2009 they began with spring cleanup; core aerification, slit-seeding and granular seed-starter fertilizer application.  Continuing through summer and fall with additional lawn care applications, wood mulching plus additional lawn repair.  We will also use them for fall leaf cleanup and gutter cleaning.  We anticipate being customers for a long time.  Joe Pacocha met with us late summer of 2008.  We told him of our concerns.  He studied our landscape and returned with recommendations as to its care.  We hired his company to handle the fall cleanup and were extremely pleased with the work done and the professionalism of his staff. They were not only courteous but worked quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.  Early spring 2009 his crew began the lawn rebuilding and repair.  We couldn't believe what he was able to accomplish in one season.  It will take more than a season or two for the lawn to reach Joe's expectations but we are more than willing to follow his advice.  Joe takes his business very seriously and we are so very glad we saw his listing on Angie's List. We recommend his services to anyone who has ever despaired about getting grass to grow in the shade. We have used commercial lawn care companies for a number of years but this is the first year we have had a noticeable improvement to the yard."

Sonja B. of Arlington Heights

"We first hired Pacocha last year for a fall clean-up and hedge trimming.  This year, we signed a contract for seasonal service that included weekly lawn care, fertilizing, leaf removal, etc.  We've also asked them to perform one-time tasks such as cleaning up shrubs that border our driveway, weed removal in the alley, etc.  We first hired Pacocha last year for a fall clean-up and hedge trimming.  We were so impressed that we signed a contract for weekly service this year.  We can't recommend them enough!  Their services are prompt, professional, thorough, and reasonably priced.  They are more than willing to customize services to your needs.  We especially appreciate the convenience of being able to communicate through email; although Lea is very easy to reach by phone.  We look forward to using their services for many years to come!"

Sara M. of Wilmette

"Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. has been responsible for my lawn care (fertilizing and weed control) for several years.  They provide 5 treatments per year for $200.  My lawn has never looked better.  The customer service is superb.  I am contracting with them for more services in the coming years.  My lawn was ugly and full of weeds.  I saw this company servicing a neighbor's lawn and called the number.  A polite lady answered the phone and assured me that an estimator would come out at my convenience.  Within a day, Joe came and explained the services that his company offers and made recommendations for my property.  Two days later, I had a written bid in the mail.  I simply signed and returned it, and no further action was necessary on my part.  They even leave watering instructions with each application.  The weeds didn't go away instantly, of course, but by the second season my lawn was looking very nice.  I rest easy knowing that these folks are licensed to do this type of work.  They know what they are doing."

Paul L. of Park Ridge

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