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Once you give Pacocha Landscaping Services the opportunity to provide your lawn maintenance services you will wonder how you did it any other way!

We begin the season with a very thorough spring cleanup.  Our spring clean up includes the removal and off-site disposal of all debris that has accumulated over the winter months.  After all of the debris is removed, we begin to edge all paved areas, previously edged planting beds, etc. for a clean and detailed look.  We complete the clean up by mowing/vacuuming all lawn areas and blowing off all paved areas.
** Please Note: Soil or mulch cultivation, core aeration, power raking/dethatching, mechanical slit-seeding, lawn fertilization and pre-emergent weed control may be provided in addition to the spring clean up visit if so specified in your seasonal agreement. **

After your initial visit/spring clean up is performed (sometime in March or April - weather dependent) we will begin our weekly lawn maintenance services.  Our weekly lawn maintenance service begins late April and continues weekly through the end of September.  This service includes weekly lawn mowing, line trimming of grass from around obstacles our mowers can't reach, disposal of all clippings (unless mulching is requested) and the blowing of all paved areas to complete.  After we have maintained the lawn throughout the spring and summer months, we prepare for the fall cleanup process.  As you know, our fall season is very beautiful, but is also very challenging to keep your lawn and landscape in "tip top" shape.  We constantly battle weather related issues (rain, wind, snow, etc.) to get your work completed in a timely manner.  We have devised a proven way to handle the challenges faced during the fall season.  Pacocha Landscaping Services will perform 6 fall clean up visits throughout the months of October and November (sometimes into December if needed) to complete the season.  With each visit we will blow and remove all leaves/debris from planting beds and lawn areas.  Usually we mow/vacuum and/or rake up all of the debris from your landscape before disposing off site.  Due to weather related issues and the very labor intensive nature of performing a fall clean up, all 6 visits of the fall clean up process will be performed in a timely manner and will not be on a dedicated day of the week.  We reserve the right to solely schedule and perform your final 6 fall clean up visits in a way that ensures maximum route efficiency while maintaining quality of service.

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