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Once you have the opportunity to experience the long lasting turf feeding that only a premium granular fertilizer can provide you will demand it as a part of your annual turf care program.  Our team at Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. uses only the very best granular slow release turf fertilizers that provide the optimum seasonal ratio's of Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium (N-P-K).  Our seasonal lawn fertilization program includes 5 granular applications.

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This is where our company shines!  We have the ability to maintain effective season long broadleaf weed control all the while using the lowest amount of pesticide possible.  Our broadleaf weed control process revolves around a thorough lawn inspection to first evaluate your lawns broadleaf weed population.  A selective liquid weed control treatment  (targeted-spot or blanket application) will follow shortly after.

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If you have experienced grub related damage to your turf in the past, you completely understand the importance of this application.  Grubs feed on your lawns root zone and create a situation where massive and expensive turf damage can occur.  We highly recommend that all of our customers receive a single application of Merit (granular form) to their lawn every year.  This one time granular application is usually performed between May and July (our discretion).  After this preventative insecticide treatment has been applied and properly watered in (as instructed), you will have NO GRUB RELATED LAWN DAMAGE for a single growing season.  We guarantee it!

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