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BEWARE…… Poison Ivy may be closer than you think!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

We continue to find poison ivy plants growing in places that you would never expect.

Pacocha - Poison Ivy Along Residential Driveway and Down Spout

Whether the unwanted plants originally came from neighboring properties or were seeded from wild animals or birds that had previously fed upon it's fruit, the noxious plants, once found, need to be killed and physically removed to avoid spread and future human contact.

Pacocha - Poison Ivy Growing Alongside a Rose Bush in A Residential Back Yard

Here are some of the unexpected areas we found poison ivy plants growing:

  • Within landscape beds amongst other desirable perennial plants.

  • Within deciduous hedge rows.

  • Mixed in with other desirable climbing vines (clematis, climbing hydrangea and Boston ivy).

  • Up/attached to the bark of large mature trees.

  • Up/attached to wood utility poles.

  • Under and through fences.

Pacocha - Poison Ivy Growing Within Residential Perennial Bed
Pacocha - Poison Ivy with Berries Growing Along a Chain Link Fence

Please be sure to contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. for help identifying, treating and physically removing all poison ivy vines found on your property. Thank you for visiting our site!


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