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Sewer repair or emergency utility work recently performed? Restore your lawn and landscape today!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The damage done to a mature lawn or landscape (in particular) after a major sewer repair, drainage improvements or new flood control system has been installed can be quite extreme.  From plant material, lawns, irrigation systems, retaining walls, pavement to low voltage lighting can be lightly damaged or completely destroyed when underground construction takes place near by.  Other matters like extreme soil compaction and severed mature plant root systems are very common issues as well.  

Flood control system
Pacocha - Elevated elongated mound post underground construction

Please contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. to schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to visit your property and access the current situation. We will recommend any/all steps needed to restore your property to 110%!

Pacocha - Elevated mound post underground construction
Pacocha - Low area ready for additional top soil and boxwood relocation

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to being of service to you.


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