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INSTALL A CATCH BASIN FILTER and say goodbye to clogged buried downspout drains forever!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The beauty of a buried downspout drain system is that it remains normally hidden from view, all the while effortlessly relocating excess water away from buildings, plants and other water sensitive areas.

Pacocha - 12 x 12 Catch Basin Leaves Atop

One major problem with common buried downspout drain systems is when roof shingle sediment and tree related debris find its way into the buried pipes, blockages normally occur, thereby rendering the entire buried system basically useless.

Pacocha - 12 x 12 Catch Basin Cover Off

A solution for clogged buried drain pipes now exists and has become a standard feature for all buried downspout drain systems we design and install; CATCH BASIN FILTERS.

Pacocha - 12 x 12 Catch Basin Cleaned and Rinsed

A catch basin filter is a serviceable (easily removable and cleanable) water permeable bag that captures waste material before ever flowing into/stagnating within buried drain pipes. As you can imagine, small leaves and light-weight waste material can flow through a normal system (without a basin filter) if enough continuous water velocity/flow can be had. However, we have found that the only way to guarantee a buried downspout drain system remains completely operational (over time and regardless of water velocity running through it) is to ensure NO DEBRIS is ever allowed to enter/accumulate in the system.

Pacocha - 12 x 12 Catch Basin Filter Installed

When considering a buried downspout drain system at your property, please consider installing a proper drain basin below the downspout pipe that can be fitted with a replaceable filter to ensure a trouble-free system for several decades to come!

Pacocha - 12 x 12 Catch Basin Cleaned Filter Installed Covered to Complete

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