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Whether you say fall or autumn one thing is for sure…. It’s time to clean the fallen leaves!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Here in northern Illinois it seems that as soon as the summer heat is gone we move quickly into the much needed plant loving cool and rain prone fall season.  After experiencing one of the hottest and driest summer’s on record, fall could not come soon enough.

Our team here at Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. takes great pride in offering our seasonal maintenance customers fall cleanup/leaf removal services. We transition to fall cleanup mode on October 1st. and continue on, all the way to the end of November (weather dependent).

Our routine fall cleanup services normally include the removal and off-site disposal of all fallen leaves and debris from property. We blow/clean all paved surfaces, plant beds, etc. of loose debris before mowing/vacuuming lawn areas to complete. In most cases, we perform 6 separate fall clean up visits per season (4 service visits in October and 2 in November).

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