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Your Lawn Needs Water ........ Help!

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

When watering your lawn, you should really strive to water less often, but for longer periods of time. The goal is to drive the grass plants root growth deep into the soil, thereby creating a much healthier and stronger stand of turfgrass.

Visual of Turfgrass Root System Growing in Soil

In most cases, 1" of water each week will suffice, keeping your lawn in good health and able to recover light stress and prolonged durations of heat.

Sprinkler watering lawn

The most common errors we see is either no watering at all or too frequent, light watering. Grass that is maintained in a continuous "wet state" will be plagued by summer patch/fugal related diseases that are difficult to control.

Automatic irrigation system watering lawn

As always, it is highly recommended to annually plant (late summer-early fall is best) site specific, disease resistant grass seed blends to continually improve the overall quality and density of your lawn.

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