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Drainage Catch Basin: Using as a Water Discharge Outlet Point

Updated: May 25, 2023

Sometimes, we can solve a problem by thinking outside the box. In this case, a new client had a clogged existing buried drain system and was looking for a long term solution.

Case in Point: Client had two downspouts and a sump pump discharge directly connected (no air-gap and no debris filtering) to a single 6" buried drain pipe leading to front yard outlet point. The client did not want to modify and/or add new discharge drains, only improve what was already in place. When first installed many years ago, the system worked as expected. However, as roof sediment, leaves and other debris accumulated in 6" buried pipe, the flow of discharged water slowed and was backing up.

Solution: Our answer to this problem was of course to clean existing clogged drain pipe, remove existing 6" pvc elbow fitting and replace with a larger 12" x 12" debris collecting basin set atop/within fabric encased river rock to allow for successful water discharge both to surface and sub-surface areas.

Pacocha Landscaping Services - Installed Drainage Improvement

New discharge basin is fully serviceable and any/all collected debris can easily be seen through top grate and cleaned in just a few minutes. Lastly, the 12" x 12" basin makes for an excellent access point to clean buried drain pipe using a garden hose with special drain pipe cleaning attachment and/or a wet-dry vacuum.

A well managed buried landscape drain will ensure trouble-free service for several decades to come!

Please be sure to contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. with any residential landscape drainage improvements needed. We are happy to discuss any/all improvement options available and devise a plan to keep your property free and clear of problematic excess water.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a wonderful day!

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