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Having just the right cutting edge on your snow plow can make all the difference!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

As a Chicago area snow and ice management contractor for nearly 20 years, we have grown quite accustomed to the effectiveness of steel edged snow plows, shovels, blowers, etc..

Sectional snow plow with steel cutting edges and shoes

Steel is the most common, and in many cases, lowest cost material to use as a cutting edge for snow clearing equipment. Steel is great, but there are times when an alternate material is needed.

Pacocha - Steel Cutting Edge on ATV Snow Plow

Please find a few details listed below in regard to the 3 main cutting edge materials available today.

Steel Cutting Edge: Steel edges are available in various thicknesses, thereby determining service life. Steel edges tend to wear unevenly (based on angle of plow), but by far, scrape hard-pack snow and ice the very best. Steel scrapes great, but can be too aggressive at times (soft and fragile materials like grass, pavement coatings, brick pavers, etc. will be damaged/scratched if accidentally contacted by a steel edge).

Rubber Cutting Edge: Softest edge available. Rubber edges act like a giant squeegee, clearing away non-frozen slush and freshly fallen snow, in a very clean manner. Best used for low-speed applications. However, once below freezing conditions exist (below 32 degrees) and or snow has been compacted by vehicle traffic, etc., a rubber plow edge will be just about worthless. Rubber edges are terrible for scraping hard-packed snow and ice.

Pacocha - Rubber Snow Plow Edge

Polyurethane Cutting Edge: Urethane cutting edges are quiet in comparison to steel. In most cases, polyurethane snow plow edges are much thicker than steel. Being a thicker edge, will float atop pavement, and not scrape as well as a thinner steel edge in comparison, especially when below freezing conditions exist. However, when a snow plow is built to apply down pressure, there by ensuring additional scraping power, poly edges are great. Polyurethane edges can absorb shock and high speed impact very well (the best of all three edge materials mentioned).

Pacocha - Polyurethane Edge on Pull Snow Plow

Please be sure to contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. with questions or any snow and ice management request you may have. We greatly appreciate your time and look forward to being of assistance to you!

Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc.


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