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Mark, flag or map all shallow buried utilities BEFORE core aerating your lawn!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Here are a few of the most common underground “non-exposed” utilities that must be marked, flagged and/or mapped before core aerating your lawn.

Pacocha - Aerator

  • Sprinkler heads that have been overgrown by grass

  • Shallow buried internet/tv cable lines

  • Shallow buried “invisible” pet fencing systems

  • Shallow buried electrical power lines (non-conduit encased in particular) feeding post lights, pond pumps, etc.

  • Shallow buried landscape drainage or downspout extension lines

  • Grass covered landscape drain outlets, grates, pop-up emitters, etc.

  • Lawn covered access covers for underground flood control systems

  • Shallow buried low voltage wiring (landscape lighting, holiday decorations, irrigation system sensors, etc.)

Pacocha - Underground Electric Dog Fence

Please remember that if the machine operator is not aware of (or cannot see) the in-ground obstacle, it will likely be contacted/accidentally damaged at some point.

Pet fence wire_in_trench
Pacocha - Underground Drain Line with Pop Up Emitter

Please be sure to contact Pacocha landscaping Services, Inc. to learn more about the process of core aerification and it’s many benefits.  Thank you for your interest!

Pacocha - Aeration Soil Cores


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