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Never-Ending Thistle Control

Updated: May 8, 2023

It's that time of year again, when invasive thistle plants are thriving! In some cases, reaching over 4' in height and beginning to produce seed in heavily infested, unmanaged areas.

If the noxious weeds are left completely undisturbed for a growing season or two, they will have the opportunity to produce a vast network of spreading roots (rhizomes) and set seed, which will create a situation where complete control of the problematic plant will be just about impossible.

Thistle growing behind a garage

It is our opinion that thistle should be chemically treated with either a selective or non-selective liquid herbicide (site and product label dependent), by a licensed professional, and when the plant is actively growing. We have found that a targeted spot-application, performed just after the unwanted weed begins to grow and produces foliage (rosette stage), allows for the best possible control. With that said, due to the extreme root system of the thistle plant, multiple applications will surely be needed to kill-off any/all new plants, as they appear.


Large thistle plants located behind a hedge row

Multiple patches of thistle growing in a residential back yard

Please be sure to let Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. know if thistle control is needed at your local northwest suburban Chicago area property. We will advise and do what we can to help you take control of this persistent weed. Thank you for visiting our blog and have a great day!

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