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Out with the mulch, in with the grass!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Sometimes, a large mulch covered plant bed can be overwhelming, a bit too much. Over time, unwanted vegetation gets removed, large bushes are rejuvenated/pruned back and more often than not, landscape plans simply change. When analyzing your landscape, consider replacing tired wood mulch covered bed areas with beautiful, green, lush grass!

Of course, there are certain areas where turfgrass will simply not grow very well (under large evergreen trees, below large shade producing shrubs/plants, etc.).  For troublesome heavy shade areas, we can suggest alternate site tolerant plant materials, decorative gravel or even certain ground cover plants to help replace vast areas of plain wood mulch.

Preparing soil in previous mulch covered space for new grass seed planting.

When planning to grow grass by seed in an existing mulch covered bed, one of the first critical steps will be soil preparation.  It is very important that ANY/ALL WOOD MULCH material be removed from the area targeted for new grass.  Once all old wood mulch has been removed, good clean, nutrient rich soil (perhaps enhanced with compost or other organic amendments) will need to be added to build the barren bed space up to meet surrounding soil/lawn grade levels.

When adding top soil, be generous, do not skimp on this step.  Expect a bit of settling over time and be sure to add soil well into/over the adjacent grass areas as well.  This way, no lawn repair seam will be visible, just consistent grass, from adjacent lawn (if applicable) well into newly planted areas.  So after all unwanted wood mulch material has been removed, new soil added, a granular starter fertilizer applied and premium site specific grass seed planted, consider covering all repaired areas with either a light dusting of peat moss or a germination blanket to complete.

So what’s next?  WATER, WATER and WATER!

New seed planted areas must receive daily light watering (not heavy, no long duration watering cycles), light watering to keep the soil moist, not waterlogged.  Success will come in time, beautiful grass will grow and provide timeless simple beauty to enjoy!

Please contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. with any grass seed planting projects you have in mind.  We would love to help enhance your landscape and bring green to your property.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a great day!

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