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Perennials, Shrubs, Groundcover and Trees………… We Can Plant It!!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Watering Planted Tree - Pacocha Landscaping Services

We possess the ability and desire to install just about any size of nursery supplied plant material available.

Anywhere from a single client supplied perennial to a trailer-load of evergreen trees, we can help beautify your property one plant at a time.


  1. New Plant Bed Creation

  2. Unwanted Plant Removal

  3. Soil Amendment Installation

  4. Plant Material Delivery

  5. Planting Labor Only (Install any/all client supplied plants)

  6. Existing Plant On-Site Relocation

  7. Supply and Install Client Selected Plant Material (Single or multiple plants)

  8. Wood Mulch Installation

  9. Routine On-Site Watering

Various Perennials and Shrubs Installed - Pacocha Landscaping Services
Groundcover Installation - Pacocha Landscaping Services
Preparing Arborvitae Root Ball for Planting - Pacocha Landscaping Services

Please be sure to let us know if we can provide assistance with your next planting project, we would love to help!

Multiple Daisies - Pacocha Landscaping Services

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.  Have a great day!

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