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Problem and Solution: Redirecting and Burying Extended Downspout Drain Pipes

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The goal of this drainage improvement project was to redirect and conceal (by way of burying) two existing downspout drain pipes.

As found, water would outlet near the home's foundation and had no way to quickly drain away from structure.

Our solution is two fold. First, which is outlined in this blog post, we redirected all downspout discharged water away from foundation (side of house), into the back yard, over 25 feet away. Lastly, and to be completed next season, we will further elevate and enhance existing surface/soil grade levels surrounding the house (as/if needed) to allow any/all excess water runoff to flow away from the home's foundation, into the back yard, where a large turf covered area awaits. The wide expanse of grass will provide the area needed for excess water to either evaporate from the surface and/or percolate through the soil, over time.

Drain Basin Filter Installed Prior to Final Downspout Pipe Connection

So, let's discuss the buried downspout component of this project. First things first. We looked at current downspout locations to determine if they were placed in the very best spot for the water relocation mission we needed to accomplish. After review, the two downspout locations were deemed acceptable and set to remain unchanged.

Completed Downspout Basin Installation

Next, we devised a plan to install a buried, completely serviceable, extended downspout drain system which would relocate excess roof generated water to the back yard, within an unobstructed lawn area.

Each downspout would be outfitted with a leaf protected (plus fine sediment replaceable filter) drain basin to collect water flowing out the bottom of each downspout. Solid 4" Schedule 40 pvc pipe would be connected/buried to carry the water away to final outlet point (to daylight) within back yard lawn. After ensuring that the solid pvc drain pipe has the needed slope to carry excess water away from collection basin inlets by way of gravity flow, all drain pipes are buried and landscape restoration/lawn repairs completed as needed.

6" Pop-Up Drain Emitters Located within Lawn Area

Each of the two aluminum downspout pipes (attached to side of house) were trimmed and new custom color-matched aluminum pipes were installed, ensuring a beautiful and fully functional downspout-to-drain basin interface.

Completed Installation of Two Buried Independent Downspout Drains

Our buried downspout drain systems are designed to be non-obtrusive to the eye, yet provide a lifetime of service and with very minimal annual maintenance required. Please contact Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc. for more information on our buried downspout and sump pump drain systems.

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