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Seed Germination Blanket ………… NEVER plant a new lawn from seed without it!!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023


Here are a few reasons why you should use seed germination blanket when planting a new lawn from seed.

  • Protect newly planted seed from blowing wind, feeding birds and even heavy rain down pours.

  • Steel staples (4″ to 6″ long) provide secure attachment of blanket to soil below.

  • Reduce air-borne weed seed from ever contacting soil.

  • Great soil erosion protection (prior to grass establishment in particular).

  • Achieve fantastic seed germination rates!

  • Clean overall appearance.

  • New grass grows directly through blanket covering, no need to remove.

  • Retains water to further aid in seed germination/plant root development.

  • Unwanted debris can be easily blown off blanket covering with little chance of seed disturbance.


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