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Yellow Nutsedge: The problematic “grass like” weed that will not leave your lawn without a fight!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

If there is one persistent type of unwanted vegetation that is very difficult to control in most lawns it has to be the “grass like” weed named yellow nutsedge.

Pacocha - Yellow Nutsedge 1

Yellow nutsedge loves growing in continuously wet soil areas!

Pacocha - Nutsedge Diagram

Not only does yellow nutsedge grow from small tubers (aka nutlets), but it spread by seed and rhizome as well. The leaf is triangular shaped at the base and most selective herbicides only stunt the plant, and not kill it. However, there have been great strides in selective herbicidal control as of late, and hopefully one

day, there will be full-proof method to eradicate yellow nutsedge from existing stands of turfgrass (without time consuming manual removal).

Pacocha - Yellow Nutsedge 3

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